Painting & Drawing & Printing

While a small drop of summer rain can make my day, an additional one can change it yet again. Wandering through life I find myself searching for different forms of media to share my perception of living and the various kinds of feeling it evokes inside me. I always seek to capture the moment and this special feeling I have when, for instance, stepping outside through the front door, experiencing the first breath of fresh air. Those impressions I transport through acrylic-painting, ink-drawing as well as printing. What the audience sees in the end are stories about a world full of depth and soul searching. Not forgetting those happy moments that make you jump in the air and put a big grin on your face though.

Just as the interpretation follows its own paths my creative process is also an intuitive exploration. Each piece is at once process and product, impenetrable and transparent, planned and fortuitous. I constantly seek dialog with the artwork and engage in a persisting exchange between expression and interpretation. Questions like: “What does the unfinished image transport?” or “How can the structures already created help in giving form to other motives?” are essential during the time of development and influence the result decisively.

Being in touch with nature and getting inspired by the positive energy coming from it plays an important part in my working process. Even though I hardly choose nature and landscapes as motives for my works, the subject inspires and influences me in many ways.