I am convinced that understanding and connecting with ourselves is the key to understanding and connecting with others and the world around us.

Trapped in limiting beliefs

For a long time I felt empty inside and longed for change.

I wanted to feel the joy of life in me again, to experience inner freedom and lightness, and to perceive life a little more playfully in the midst of all seriousness.

But I was afraid to go my own way because I felt insecure and also lacked clarity about what I really wanted.

I held on to the hope that eventually everything would be different and better. But the feeling of being condemned to live an unhappy life did not let me go.

The path back to myself

At some point, however, I realized that I could only find what I was looking for within myself.

Exactly at that point I started my journey towards myself and into self-determined life with more ease. A journey that is not over yet, surely, since there is always something new to discover.

But I have started walking and dedicated my art to this journey, towards a life in connection.

I got a sense of myself – my body, my emotions, my being – by going inside. This has created a deep feeling of connectedness that supports me today in all matters and gives me inner strength as well as a basic trust that allows me to look into the future with confidence.

The familiar feeling of connectedness

I believe that understanding and connecting with ourselves is the key to understanding and connecting with others and the world around us. Likewise, I believe that the deep sense of connectedness is a powerful tool for healing and enhancing empathy, compassion and understanding.

The themes of connectedness and inner resilience have been with me in my personal life for many years now. Creating art that addresses these very topics allows me to strengthen the connection to myself and to help others do the same.

Through my art, I would like to inspire you to look inward, to strengthen the connection to yourself, to recharge your batteries and to find your path in life.

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