Art that brings you back to yourself, to regain your senses and to recharge your inner strength.

Inner strength through connectedness

Portrait Simona Ledl
Foto: Chris Perkles / Kunsthilfe Salzburg

What if life is a bowl of cherries after all?

As a seeker who has been longing for more happiness, more lightness and wanted to break out of the limiting believes, one thing became clear to me:

I can only find what I am looking for within myself.

When we feel connected, it brings us back to ourselves, back to being and living in the here and now. We enter into a self-determined life full of magic.

Interior view artwork

I let moments and emotions of connection flow onto the canvas and invite you to come back into feeling yourself.

Through my art, I want to inspire you to look inward, to strengthen the connection to yourself, to recharge your batteries and perceive life ia little more playful.

Dive into a world filled with bright colors, which opens the space for self-awareness and exploration of the unknown.

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Interior view Kunst Krafttier Yak

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