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The topic of “connectedness” plays a central role in my work as an artist. Be it the connection to oneself, to others, to nature or generally to the environment that surrounds us. Basically, everything is connected, and I would like to convey this in my works.


Imagine an artwork created exclusively for you that will bring a smile to your face every day. I am happy to create a work in my characteristic style according to your individual wishes.

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An experience for all senses: I hold workshops in German to strengthen the emotional wellbeing by combining visualization and relaxation exercises and creative expression.

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You are an entrepreneur, feel addressed by my works and would like to exhibit them in the premises of your company? If we harmonize with each other, I look forward to working with you.

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"Inner strength and well-being through the feeling of connectedness with oneself, other people and nature"

The topics of “connectedness” and “multi-layeredness” as well as the resulting complexity form the core of my work as an artist. They run like a leitmotif through the works of my last few years. This aspect manifests itself in particular in my one-line drawing style and the way it connects with the background of my works. By creating the motifs in a continuous line, I want to emphasise their connection to their environment, other living beings and themselves.

Furthermore, it is important for me to encourage people to perceive life in a more playful way in the midst of all seriousness and to pay more attention to the magical moments. Life holds so many wonders in store. Let me take you into a world full of colour, a world that puts reality in the background and fantasy in the foreground.

Being in touch with nature and getting inspired by the positive energy coming from it plays an important part in my working process. Even though I hardly choose nature and landscapes as motives for my works, the subject inspires and influences me in many ways.