One line art from Salzburg

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Looking for an artwork with a special motif? I am happy to create paintings, drawings and prints on commission according to your individual wishes.

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I hold workshops in German to enhance the emotional wellbeing by combining visualization exercises and creative expression.

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I create digital illustations for websites, magazines, posters etc., either in my characteristic one-line style or adapted to your needs.

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“My art emerges from a dialog with the work”

I am a visual artist from Salzburg. My creative activity is an intuitive process. An important part especially plays the dialog with the artwork as a continuous exchange between expression and interpretation. Questions like: “What does the unfinished image transport?” or “How can the structures already created help in giving form to other motives?” are essential during the time of development and influence the result decisively. I love to experiment, so I am always discovering new possibilities as part of my creative process. My works are paradoxes. Each piece is at once process and product, impenetrable and transparent, planned and fortuitous. Especially my combination of abstract painting and figurative drawing in my characteristic one line style creates a synthesis of two poles that could not be more different.

Being in touch with nature and getting inspired by the positive energy coming from it plays an important part in my working process. Even though I hardly choose nature and landscapes as motives for her works, the subject inspires and influences me in many ways.