What can I do if I ordered to the wrong address?

If you have already placed the order, the delivery address cannot be changed afterwards. Depending on whether the order has already been shipped, you have different options:

• The order has not been shipped yet:

If the order has not been shipped yet and the order status still says “Processing” please get in touch via the contact form an will use your new address. Please do not forget do change the data in your account under “Addresses” so you have the right one for your next purchase.

• The order has already been shipped:

If the order status has changed to “Shipped”, then your package is already on the way to you. Please don’t worry: if your package cannot be delivered, it will be sent back to me. The purchase amount (exclusive shipping costs) will be refunded.

Then, please place a new order at the correct address. Unfortunately, I have no way of redirecting a package to another address.