Art for the soul: pictures sometimes say what words cannot. They contain the power to lead us into a world full of magic, a world that invites us to dream. Imagine an artwork created exclusively for you that brings a smile to your face every day and encourages you to perceive life more playfully. I would be happy to create a work in my characteristic style according to your individual wishes.


I hold art workshops in German language to enhance the emotional wellbeing by combining guided visualization and relaxation exercises with creative expression. In the workshop I encourage participants to look inwards and to get closer to themselves through painting and drawing. Together we take time to rediscover ourselves, give free rein to our imagination and recharge our inner batteries. Most important is the action of expression and what happens in the process, not so much the finished work. While teaching specific techniques is subordinated I focus on the individual experience of each participant. I invite people of all ages and levels to participate in my workshops. However, those interested should be open to meditation and visualisation techniques, as they play an important role in the sessions.

Participants can fully develop and express their imagination and creativity. By directing our gaze inwards through fantasy journeys guided by me, the participants can come to rest and train their perception with all their senses. There is no right or wrong way within our creative process. In addition to the joy of experimentation and the discovery/development of one’s own creative power, the focus is on evoking intense, positive feelings. These can be important experiential processes and can be seen as healthy and health-promoting growth in personal development.

We focus on:
– the deepening of perception with all the senses,
– coming to rest and recharging one’s batteries,
– getting involved with new and unknown things,
– creating in creative, playful and joyful ways,
– discovering and promoting one’s own,
– and marvelling at what is inside oneself.

Workshop sessions:
My offer ranges from short 2-hour workshops to intensive workshops lasting several days. If you are interested in working with me, I would be happy to create a concept according to your wishes and requirements. Please contact me via the contact form.



You are an entrepreneur, feel addressed by my works and would like to exhibit them in your company? Then simply contact me. If we harmonize with each other, I look forward to working with you.


If you are interested in one of the topics mentioned above please contact me.