My artwork virtually on your wall

In this article, you’ll learn about the free additional service I offer so you can get a sense of how my work will look on your wall.

Sometimes it’s not so easy to imagine how a particular work will appear within your own four walls.

You may wonder how it would look there, whether the colors match the decor or whether the format is appealing.

I’m happy to help you find answers to your questions and offer you to photoshop your desired artwork virtually onto your wall without any obligation.

All you have to do is send me a photo of your room.

The way to your photo

1. Use a DIN-A4 sheet and stick it to the wall with an adhesive strip or adhesive clay. The sheet helps me to get a feeling for the dimensions in the room.

2. To ensure that not only the wall but also the furnishings are visible in the photo, please move back far enough. If you can’t get everything on the photo frontally, you can also shoot from a corner. I will adjust the perspective of the artwork accordingly.

3. Take the photo with your camera, cell phone, or other appropriate device.

4. You can then send me the photo without obligation by mail, together with the name of your favorite artwork (of course there can be more than one) to

You want to know which artworks are still available?

In my >>Artroom<< you will find many of my artworks for sale including prices, dimensions and background information.

If you have any questions, you can always contact me via the contact form or by mail.

Your benefits

Through this service you will quickly get a feel for the effect of my artwork. You can create an impression of how it would feel to see a very specific picture hanging on your wall.

This will save you time and give you the clarity you need to make a decision that feels right for you.