Exhibition: D4 in Elixhausen

Now I can already look back on several years of artistic practice and I think to myself: “It would be nice to present an exhibition in which I can give a rough overview of all my stylistic phases I worked on since I started with art”. And look at that, there I am with my thought and Anna Hauser from the D4 dental practice runs into me with exactly that whish: a multifaceted exhibition that brings colour into their premises.

I’m just delighted that everything worked out so wonderfully and that my works are now hanging in Elixhausen. Within the exhibition, I would like to take the viewers on a journey through the different stylistic phases of my artistic work and give them an insight into a world peppered with bright colours that pushes reality into the background and fantasy into the foreground.

For Dr.in Anna Hauser from the D4 dental practice community, “it all started with the desire to add colour to our large, white walls and at the same time to immerse our patients in a world with fantasy, away from thoughts about visiting the dentist. As young entrepreneurs, we want to support young artists and offer them space to present works that are not yet to be found in large museums. Through Kunsthilfe Salzburg we finally found what we were looking for: Colourful, multi-layered pictures in which you can lose yourself, created by Simona Ledl from Salzburg.”  

Curious? How about a virtual tour of the exhibition?

Or simply let yourself be hypnotised by one of my works at D4 dental practice to combine your next dental treatment with an all-round positive experience 😉