Exhibition: “Common Ground” at Künstlerhaus Salzburg

This year to date has been marked by uncertainty and a global crisis. The question of art’s role in times of uncertainty and crisis is more clearly understood when examined in retrospect. However, contemporary art always has a role to play in difficult times. Further exhibitions that emerge out of times of crisis may transmit a sense of togetherness that was, for example, recently wrenched away from us all.

This year’s Members Exhibition is entitled Common Ground. Questions of democracy, openness, togetherness, how to live and be together, and how to re-establish close proximity to one another are all aspects of this theme.

For the exhibition, a mode of presentation has been designed. Artwork will be presented tightly together in a series of grids. Artworks may indeed even touch each other. This mode of presentation will also enable every submission of artwork to be exhibited. Artworks are on sale during the exhibition at the discretion of participating artists.

Salzburger Kunstverein
Opening: Mi, 22. Juli 2020, 20:00
(Entry starts at 18:00)

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