Artist in Residency: Vantaa at Gjutars Artistis’ House

Thanks to the AIR cooperation Salzburg-Vantaa, I was able to travel to Finland for a month in August 2020 to realize part of my project “The Individual Collective”. 

At the residency I dealt more closely with the concept of community. Based on the perception of the individual, I wanted to create a connection between several individuals and thus create an image of collective perception. On the basis of interviews, I collected the interpretations of a total of 18 participants and transformed them into eight works of art. 

In the first week, I focused on collecting impressions and motifs. My inspiration was the environment in Finland, its nature and urban space. After the motive selection, in weeks two and three my goal was to finalize the content of the survey, finding participants for my project and collecting data. Building on the evaluation of the interviews, I was then able to start creating the works of art in digital form. From the same motive, I first worked out the perceptions of the participants individually and connected them in a second step. Layer by layer a collective view of the original image emergee. While the individual interpretation of the motive still shines through, only the overlapping enables a self-contained relationship. At the end of my stay in Vantaa, I organized a one-day pop-up exhibition called “The Individual Collective” at  Gjutars Artists’ House.