An honest interview with the artist

In this article you will get insight into how I came to art as well as the topics that I process in my works and what I want to transport through it.

Photo: Chris Perkles/Kunsthilfe Salzburg

Why did you specialize in the topic of connectedness?

I paint and draw what nourishes my soul. The themes of connectedness and inner resilience have been with me for many years, even in my personal life. The human psyche and knowledge of the emotions that drive us fascinate me. Creating art that addresses these very themes allows me to strengthen my connection to myself and help others do the same.

I used to believe in being doomed to live an unhappy life. Over and over again, I felt at the mercy of my thought carousel and the resulting emotional roller coaster. I felt disconnected from the rest of the world. At some point, however, I realized that I am not my thoughts, nor my emotions, that I have the power to direct my thinking, and to live in harmony with my feelings. At that point, I began my journey towards myself and living a more empowered life with more ease.

Today, I believe that understanding and connecting with oneself is the key to understanding and connecting with others and the world around us. Likewise, I believe that the deep sense of connection is a powerful tool for healing and fostering empathy, compassion and understanding.

I therefore want to create works that speak to people on a deeper level. I want to encourage them to dare to look inward to get a feeling for themselves and others.

Who is your art for?

My art is for all those who, like me, are interested in getting to know themselves, to recharge their inner batteries and get a feel for themselves – their own body, emotions, being.

With my art, I want to encourage people to dare to look inward, to strengthen their connection to themselves and to explore the theme of connectedness in its many different forms.

I am addressing people who are striving to understand themselves, others and the world around them, to gain a deeper understanding of the human experience and the thoughts and feelings that shape it.

Why are you convinced that a life of connectedness is so valuable?

I am convinced that the connection to our true self, who we really are in our innermost being, is so valuable, because I have already been able to taste the fruits of this connection myself.

First and foremost, the journey towards myself has helped me to better understand my own being, my mind and my actions.

I used to be trapped in my own thoughts, in the self-imposed mental pain that my body was really craving at some point. I so desired a change to a self-determined life of ease, but just didn’t know how to break out of that cycle.

And I think a lot of people feel the same way. They feel empty inside and long for change. But they are afraid to follow their own path because they feel insecure and lack clarity about what they really want.

I, for my part, at some point just started walking. I asked for help, studied the human psyche, and started meditating.

With each small step I got to know myself better. Slowly I was able to build up a feeling for myself and my emotions. As a result, many things have changed in the way I feel and deal with myself.

Today I can build my life on a broad, nourishing foundation of (self-)trust, acceptance, understanding, joy of life, meaning and much more. This breeding ground has opened new doors for me and has already given me many moments of happiness. For this I am very grateful.

“Heart of joy” > find background information about this work in my artbook

But I also want to pass on my experiences to inspire as many people as possible to start their path or continue their journey. I am convinced that every other person who manages to integrate more contentment and ease into his or her life, to regain balance, to feel connected, comfortable and happy, makes the world a better place.

What potential do you see in strengthening the sense of connection?

What excites me about the topics of connectedness and inner strength is the potential it holds for personal growth and transformation.

Many people think that certain traits cannot be changed because they have always been part of their personality and they are just the way they are.

However, if you take a closer look at the human brain and your own personality, you will quickly realize that you have a more power than you think and that you can change things if you want to.

By establishing a connection to my inner self and immersing myself in my own world, I have the opportunity to get to know and understand my feelings, thoughts and beliefs, in fact everything that makes up who I am as an individual. This basis enables me to go through life more mindfully and to drive personal growth.

An incredibly empowering consequence that comes from connecting with one’s essence is the growth of confidence: Self-confidence, trust in life, primal trust.

At some point, the moment comes when you realize that everything suddenly falls into place, the chaos in your head comes together piece by piece like a puzzle to form a great whole, and clarity sets in.

I dare to say with confidence that I have found my way in life (for now) and I am very grateful for it.

The more people are in balance and follow their own path in life, the more the world and humanity will benefit from it.

Are there or have there been any frustrating moments you’ve experienced on your journey to becoming more connected?

One thing that can be frustrating about these topics is that it is not something that can be accomplished overnight. It often requires a long journey of self-reflection, self-knowledge, self-discipline, and consistent practice.

Especially when progress is slow to be felt or setbacks occur, it can be difficult to stay motivated.

Of course, in such moments you also ask yourself, what am I doing this for? Why am I putting so much time and energy into something whose effects I can’t always directly experience and understand?

But it is exactly in such phases that it is important to keep going, because often it is precisely these experiences that bring us insight and growth in the long run.

Sometimes a small tightrope walk is enough to bring about big changes in the long run, even if this may not be comprehensible at first.

What effect do you want your art to have on people?

My art is for people who are convinced that they themselves are the key to a fulfilled life and are curious to dive into the depths of their inner world.

“Exploring the unknown” > find background information about this work in my artbook

They recognize themselves in my works because they wish for a change towards the positive and know that they themselves have the power to bring about change.

Or they long for more ease, joy and change, but for now just want to be inspired. With art that reminds them that there is so much to discover in life.

With my art I want to inspire to dare to look inward, to get to know oneself better, to get a feeling for oneself and to recharge inner strength.

Imagine being reminded daily to pause for a moment, to feel inside yourself and just be for the moment. Or to be more mindful of your inner life and your actions.

I want to give you strength and encourage you to follow your own path, maybe even let go of old beliefs that no longer serve you. Imagine what this could mean for your personal growth and how beautiful it would be to feel more connected to yourself and the world around you.

“Sense the vastness” > find background information about this work in my artbook

It fills me with joy when I create works that resonate with the viewer and open the space for self-awareness and exploration of the unknown.

You feel spoken to and are interested in one of my works? In this article you can find out what to expect if you want to buy or commission an artwork from me.