Painting & Drawing & Printing

While a small drop of summer rain can make my day, an additional one can change it yet again. Wandering through life I find myself searching for different forms of media to share my perception of living and the various kinds of feeling it evokes inside me. I always seek to capture the moment and this special feeling I have when, for instance, stepping outside through the front door, experiencing the first breath of fresh air. Those impressions I transport through acrylic-painting, ink-drawing as well as printing. What the audience sees in the end are stories about a world full of depth and soul searching. Not forgetting those happy moments that make you jump in the air and put a big grin on your face though.

Main subject of my work is the human being with its individual forms of expression and possibilities to reflect emotions. What I am especially impressed by is the human face. Dancing shadows, fine lines, small wrinkles and sparkling eyes: Those are only some of many aspects that make this body part so thrilling for me. Especially the motives of my drawings and prints are created by one connected line. This technique underlines the motives’ connection to their surroundings and feelings.
In constant search of development, I find myself exploring new possibilities and fresh approaches to my works.